Consultation Fee Php336.00
(Regular hours at 9:30 am to 6:30 pm) Last call time is at 6:30pm
Emergency Fee Php2240-Php5600.00
(Consults made beyond 6:30 pm or before 9:30am opening) With consumable Php1680.00 -PHp3920.00. Emergency fees will be dependent on the time of the consult as well as the case.
Confinement Php 336–Php 896/day
(w/o meds) depending on the size of your pet
Isolation ward : Additional Php784.00 unto the confinement rate
ICU Confinement Php 1120 - Php11680
(without meds and depending on the size of your pet)
Ultrasound Php 672.00 per area
X-ray Php 504.00
Artificial Insemination Php 1,680.00
(fresh semen)
Dental Prophylaxis Php 1,680.00
(depending on weight) w/o tooth extraction
Blood Transfusion Contact us
Blood Crossmatching Php 336.00


DHLPPi (5 in 1 yearly) Php672.00
Rabies Php 336.00
Anti-rabies Php 1,680.00
(for people post exposure) pre-exposure - contact us.
Anti-rabies for humans Our medical consultant will have to assess patient that was bitten. His consultation fee is at Php500.00 by appointment
Feline 4 in 1 Php 840.00
Kennel Cough Php 896.00
Proheart SR12 #1 5kilos below Php 1,120.00
Proheart SR 12 #2 5.1-10kilos Php 1,344.00
Proheart SR 12 #3 10.1-20 kilos Php 2,016.00
Proheart SR12#4 20.1-45kilos Php 2,688.00
Proheart SR12 #5 45.1-90kilos Php 5,376.00


CBC, Platelet and Clotting Time Php850.00
CBC only PHp750.00
Liver check (3 tests) Php 672.00
Kidney profile (10 tests) Php 1120.00
Sears Serum Contact us for details
Blood Smear Php 224.00
Floatation Fecalysis Php224.00
Vaginal cytology Php 224.00
Semen Evaluation Php 1120.00
(includes collection, count, morphology,motility)
Urinalysis Php 560.00
Bacterial Culture Php 560.00
Culture w/ antibiotic sensitivity Php1680.00
Wood's Lamp Php 220.00
Fungal Exam Php 168.00
Skin Scraping Php 168.00
Gram Stain Php 224.00
Giemsa BP smear Php 224.00
Blood Parasite Exam Php 224.00
Brucellosis Test Php 1120.00
Microfiliaria Test Php 168.00
ELISA Parvo/distemper 1,120.00
ELISA Ehrilichia Php 1,120.00
Heartworm antigen test Php 960.00
Hip Dysplasia Contact us for details
Patellar Exam Php 560.00
T3 and T4 PHp1680
Prices are subject to change without prior notice***

Pendragon Mobile Clinic Pricelist

Consultation Fee Php 500.00
DHLPPi Php700.00
Rabies Php400.00
Deworming #1 Php60.00
Deworming #2 Php120.00
Kennel Cough Php720.00
Feline 4 in 1 Vaccine Php900.00
ProHeart Sr12 #1 Php1100.00
ProHeart Sr12 #2 Php2200.00
ProHeart Sr12 #3 Php2900.00
Fluid Therapy Php550.00
X-ray Php450.00
Ultrasound Php720.00
Canglob D #1 Php600.00
Canglob D/kilo Php120.00